The yearly AGM was held this August and a brief summary follows on items that were raised and attended to. The Charirperson’s report is attached.

A new board was elected and you can meet them further down this email – welcome to the newcommers and we are looking forward to a super year ahead!

Notes from the Chair:

MJ noted the decline in tourism worldwide

Committee actions for the 2021 period focussed on keeping members informed about municipal developments that could affect or assist them, general housekeeping, and marketing. 


Thanks to Jan Coetzee of Jan Staal for the security gate at Dagbreek.

Thanks to Robert Adshade of Adshomes for Dagbreek garden maintenance.

Thanks to LRV for the security service.

MJ reported on improvements (by Elizabeth van der Merwe) and removing the fence of Feed the World garden to improve flow at markets. 

MJ reported that the Municipality will attend to other maintenance issues at Dagbreek (plugs, roof leaf, afdak roof leak)


Les Bush to restart ‘Local is Lekker’ campaign. He started with Colleen Bownes which proved to be very successful. 

Members are encouraged to send information and photos to JJK to include on the website and Instagram/Facebook posts.

Article in Go / Weg Magazine: MJ mentioned unhappiness of local business owners who were not mentioned. Dagmar Schumacher raised concern about the negative impact of VTA’s written response to the magazine editorial team. 

African Travel Crew video – less about tourism and ultimately more about promoting VDorp as an attractive residential area. Positive social media response.



Thanks to Pierre van Rooyen to be passed onto his mother for monthly donation to the VTA.

Thanks to Jacques for continued free admission TWK Sports Club for VTA members and family.

M‍argaret Jacquemin. 

I hail from Gauteng and have come to retire in Villiersdorp. My background and expertise are in the IT industry mainly pertaining to Business Intelligence and Management.

I am passionate about ensuring the future of our beautiful dorp and tourism is a mechanism that can bring new opportunities into the valley and thus improve the lives of ALL Villiersdorpers.


‍Jon-Jon Keegan. 

Have had one leg in Villiersdorp and one in Cape Town since 1980, and am aiming to move here permanently in 2022.

Entrepreneur, property developer and part-time farmer with strong marketing and web skills to apply to uplifting the attractions our dorpie has to offer, and bring visitors in from all 4 corners of the world.

‍We are looking forward to a great summer season, and with the weather improving and the local market itching to experience smaller towns and learn more about their local experiences, now is the best time to get involved and hop onto the Tourism Train.

We’ll be sending out our marketing stats soon, so take a look and see how cost effective it is to have us on your side!

Warm regards,

The Villiersdorp Tourism Team

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Villiersdorp Tourism Association

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