To many of us this past period has been, to say the least, trying. The good news is that with the upswing in enquiries in the last weeks, at least it looks as though the tourism market is slowly gaining strength. We may just be looking forward to a “better-than-expected” season – especially with the dam full and the need for folks to get out into the countryside and explore their own back yards.


With attention being shown to the gradual updating (time allowing) of the website and the social media platforms (click for the Facebook Page, and click for the Instagram Page) the uptake has been phenomenal and the results are speaking volumes. 

Below is a brief overview (1 week and 90 days) of some of our social media stats showing a consistent upswing in engagement. We will soon be publishing individual posts/ editorials on all of our members to give you as much exposure as possible on the website, Facebook and Instagram.




If you know someone (or a new business) that would benefit from becoming a member, please consider asking them to join the Villiersdorp Tourism Association (click for the membership form).


Our Mission

Promoting our town as a tourism destination to bring new foreign and local tourists to the area.

Our Vision

Taking advantage of our dams, mountains, farms, golf course, bird life and exquisite scenery to become a preferred destination for local and foreign tourists wanting an outdoor experience. Be it eco-tourism, agritourism, water sports, golf, biking, hiking or simply a laid-back experience.

Please contact the VTA at for any queries.

Membership is only R400 per business/couple for the year which is real value for money for the exposure you will receive.



As expected, the dam filling up has brought droves of visitors from all over the Western Cape, and the club is well suited to offer them a good experience. Coming out of lockdown with the 2-for-1 burger special has definitely helped too, and for only R75 the beers are basically free :).

The weather will be warm soon enough, so dust off your old-school windsurfer and get the kids to the dam as soon as the sun shines 🙂

Take a look at the Theewater Sports Club Facebook page for more news and pictures of the dam you may have missed.





The Villiersdorp Tourism morning markets have been replaced by a new farmer’s market at Pendennis Farm in the Bossieveld outside Villiersdorp. The first market was held on Saturday, 3 October and attracted a great number of stallholders and visitors. This market will be a regular monthly event from October to April every year. The next market is scheduled for 7 November 2020 and is well worth a visit.





As we slide into October and ease into Level One of the Covid-19 Lockdown we can look back on the past six months and say “Well we did okay…”.

Like the rest of the country, in fact the whole world, the economy of the Overberg took a lot of strain – especially in the tourism and restaurant sectors. With the travel restrictions imposed by the lockdown our lodges and B&Bs were virtually mothballed along with the restaurants.

The time honoured Kelkiewyn, the restaurant at the edge of town fell victim to the lockdown, however the Alwyn Vintcent Padstal along with Le Gallierie and the Galley Restaurant at the Theewater Sports Club are once more open and operating under the remaining lockdown regulations.

On the upside we’re having a wonderful rainy season with the magnificent Theewaterskloof Dam overflowing for the first time since 2014 (click to watch the video). It has become quite the tourist attraction with dozens of sightseers stopping to capture the moment on cellphones and cameras.

Restrictions were lifted in time for visitors and locals to enjoy the annual canola display when the high rolling hills of the Overberg glow bright yellow.



The local farm orchards are in blossom and the clear mountain air is sweet with their subtle scents.

So as we start the last quarter of 2020 let’s all pull together and support our businesses…



We would like to ask our members what they feel VTA should be doing to promote tourism

in our “dorp” going forward.

Do you have any great ideas for outdoor activities or other options in our region to entice more tourists to visit our town? Have you got mapped routes that tourists could hike on or ride their bikes? Let us know and we will put the info out there – especially if you have some nice images of your activities or attractions.

Or would you like us to advertise your accommodation/activity offers on our website and other platforms? Send them to us in advance and with information and we will promote your offering.

Please send all suggestions and requests to

Thank you for your support to date, and we look forward to assisting in promoting your businesses to as many potential customers as possible.

Warmest regards, and all the best from the team at the Villiersdorp Tourism Association


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